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About Me

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Hello, I'm Kerr Temba and welcome to my website. 

Past training and competition in martial arts along with a mild scoliosis of the back combined with twenty years of desk based work should have left me in a somewhat decrepit state but I have benefited from Massage and Chiropractic treatments as well as Shiatsu and Acupuncture and so like many others who have had pain taken away and mobility increased and maintained I decided to learn how to help others to benefit as I had. This was a decision that I continue to be glad to have made as I love my work and seeing people leave after treatment in less pain and with a body that moves more like it should and able to continue their hobbies / lifestyles (be that sports or gardening or simply walking to the shops rather than having to order on line).

My journey as a Therapist began when I started studying Shiatsu (an ongoing journey) that has so far been an enlightening three years of study, with training and professional qualifications following in Holistic Massage, Human Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and Oriental Fire Cupping and Western Suction Cupping as well as Theraputic Ultrasound and Nutrition. My passion to learn as much as I can about the way the human body functions and can be helped to maintain as close to perfect function as is possible fuels my desire to help others recuperate from injury, remediate lost mobility and free their bodies from pain and achieve their fitness and health goals.

My philosophy is that whilst some discomfort may be unavoidable there is not always "gain from pain" and that a relaxed body makes for a better and longer lasting treatment. After all not many people relax when shouted at so why should the body react any different to being suddenly poked and prodded or squeezed? I also believe that treating the pain is only part of the therapist's job - they should also try to treat the source of the pain/condition. A bad back can be the result of a foot problem for example and treating the back without treating the foot simply makes for repeat business, not a successfully treated client.